Team Up With ARFF and Crimestoppers to Crack Down
on Animal Fighting!

ARFF offers $1000 Reward Statewide!

"Authorities Raid Cockfighting Ring" . . . "Busts Rout out Dogfighters in Florida"
. . . "Cockfight sting nets arrests" . . . "Animal cruelty ring broken up"

In recent months, we have seen story after story about dogs and roosters saved from brutal fighting rings in Florida. Animals, tied up with little room to exercise and none of the small enjoyments of life that they should have known, were being rescued by the dozen, taken out of the hell which had become their lives. The lucky ones were sent to live in sanctuaries or with families who could lovingly care for them. The others, who were euthanized, were at least taken out of their misery.

In 2003, ARFF fought tooth and nail to pass the Animal Fighting Bill, turning Florida's weak animal fighting law into one of the strongest in the country. Animal fighting, along with the possession of animals for the purpose of fighting, is now a felony in Florida. And while we are excited about the recent arrests that have been made, we know they are only the tip of the iceberg. That's why ARFF has teamed up with Crimestoppers to offer a $1,000 reward in every county in Florida for information leading to arrests in cases of animal fighting.

You Can Help Stop Animal Fighting
Please contact your local Crimestoppers and make sure they are aware of ARFF's $1,000 reward.

Help get the word out about the reward by posting signs, contacting community bulletin boards, or asking local news affiliates to air public service announcements about the reward.

For more information about the reward and how you can help, contact (954) 727-2733 or




1431 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 (954) 727-ARFF