The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida provides free guest speakers for your school class, summer camp or community group. Topics include: companion animals, wildlife conservation and vegetarianism. ARFF’s humane education presentations are designed to empower youth and adults to create a more compassionate and just world for all. (below photo: ARFF's humane educator at a South Florida high school)

“We really enjoyed your presentation. You changed some lives yesterday!”
— comment from a high school teacher in Miami following a classroom presentation by ARFF’s humane educator.

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  Vegetarianism: A Lifestyle You Can Live With

Since 1993, ARFF has presented this informative slide show to numerous schools and other groups throughout the state of Florida. The 45-60 minute slide presentation is designed to introduce adults, middle and high school-age students to the many reasons people may choose an alternative to a meat-based diet. It's not a cooking class, but rather a discussion of the health, environmental and ethical reasons why people choose vegetarian or vegan diets.

The presentation is designed to provide students with an alternative perspective and promote critical thinking, not to persuade students to become vegetarians. Students are urged to do more reading on their own, talk to their parents, think about their choices and decide what is best for them.

  Wildlife Conservation Through Compassionate Living

Through animated lectures, film clips and discussion, the workshop explores the relationship between humans, animals and their environments— to encourage personal responsibility and compassion towards one another.

Most children have a high degree of interest and concern for wild animals. Indeed, wildlife is a subject about which children may have limited personal knowledge but often have strong opinions. Humane education helps children develop the critical thinking skills necessary to arrive at informed opinions. Such a process involves providing children with the facts about today's important animal-protection issues.

The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) is proud to offer "Wildlife Conservation Through Compassionate Living," a free educational workshop geared towards students in elementary school through high school. ARFF's Humane Education Coordinator travels to Florida schools to offer this creative and educational workshop regarding wildlife issues in both captive and free-living settings.


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