The level of hostility towards non-native or so-called "nuisance" animals in Florida is shameful. Animal species that have been here for decades or even centuries routinely suffer cruel treatment, often with the blessing of our state wildlife agency.

Some "non-native" animals, such as the armadillo and coyote, arrived in Florida as part of a natural expansion of their range. Other animals, such as the Green iguana or Monk parakeet, were introduced (often due to human carelessness), although there is little evidence that they have a negative impact on the ecosystem.

Although these animals, as with all wildlife, can sometimes pose unwelcome challenges, there are always humane methods of resolving conflicts between humans and wildlife effectively.

We need to learn to coexist with all wildlife. Non-native animals are part of the Florida landscape and most likely are here to stay.

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Wild pigs
Green iguana
Muscovy ducks

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